Drunk On Fiction (Full Length)

Drunk On Fiction is a journey, a quest, a mission, an adventure and an escape. This dynamic work for six dance artists is an examination of the powerfully addictive world of fiction and fantasy. Recycled plots, clichés and storylines that we see over and over again keep us yearning to escape from the mundanity of our lives.  Drunk On Fiction dramatizes the personal stories of the performers to create a fictional version of themselves. These newly formed 'characters' model those we often see in both popular science fiction and fantasy. However this is only the beginning, the starting point of the adventure. 

A bold and theatrical dance work that takes audiences on an emotional and imaginative journey. It reveals and speaks to the struggle for survival and purpose that we as humans, continue to battle with each day. In a way, we have all been heroes or villains at one point in our own lives. We are constantly starring in our own sagas, sequels and trilogies. Drunk On Fiction runs wild. It chases and fights it's way through worlds of fiction, to find its way to fact.

Created by: Riley Sims in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Ana Groppler, Kay Kenney, Jean-Benoit Labrecque, Jolyane Langlois, Sébastien Provencher, Geneviève Robitaille

Music: Caitlin Woelfle - O'Brien

Co-Produced by: Dance Matters Dance Productions

Original Premiere: February 8th - 11th, 2017 at The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto


Are You Still Coming Tonight? (Full Length)

‘Are You Still Coming Tonight?’ focuses on the social dynamic of the company members and studies this group as if they were their own species. The work begins with the audience witnessing the Social Growl dancers getting together for a group dinner on stage. But what starts as a regular dinner party quickly unravels into a bizarre, yet strangely accurate, new world.

Interpreters: Austin Fagan, Charles-Alexis Desgagnes, Lee Bloom, Ana Groppler, Kay Kenney, Jolyane Langlois

Choreography: Riley Sims

 Music by: Caitlin Woelfle-O'Brien

Original Premiere December 17th-20th 2014 The Alumnae Theatre, Toronto


For Morgan (Full Length)

Commissioned by visual artist Melody-Blue Klassen 'For Morgan' is based on a 2012 internet hoax stating that actor Morgan Freeman had died. The work asks audiences to attend the actors 'funeral' that quickly spirals out of order. With inspiration from Morgan's most famous voiceover work in the Disney documentary 'March Of The Penguins' this new work explores society's rituals for handling death, our obsession with celebrity information, and the many parallels between humans and the animal world.

Interpreters: Charles-Alexis Desgagnes, Austin Fagan, Lee Gelbloom, Ana Groppler, Jolyane Langlois

Choreography: Riley Sims

Original premiere October 3rd 2013 Gallery 1313, Toronto


It’s too much to tell you right now, I have to tell you in person (half length)

Created at Ottawa Dance Directive through its creation residency program Its too much to tell you right now, I have to tell you in person  is a solo created and performed by Social Growl Dance choreographer Riley Sims. This emotionally vulnerable solo is centred around a recent break-up and is based on journal entires made by Riley in the weeks leading up to the residency. The work deals with the need for validation and to be desired, how some relationships are slowly corroding from the minute they start, how much time in your day can be spent considering another person and what it means to be a single entity again. Riley speaks to the audience as candidly as possible holding nothing back and has the task of drinking 3 tall cans of beer in the 15 minute duration of the piece.

Interpreter: Riley Sims  Choreography: Riley Sims

Original premiere January 26th 2013 Arts Court Theatre, Ottawa


Everything We’ve Ever (half length)

A dark work that gives us a glimpse into the world of individuals losing grip and stability – when denial is no longer an option and they are forced to deal with themselves.The work is an outcry, a comment on inner conflict and the various coping techniques we all develop to deal with pain. The performers are lost and longing to connect with anyone and anything. They are reckless and overindulgent with themselves and their relationships.  Why do we want to escape our own lives?  Why can’t we find the courage to get out of situations that aren’t good for us? 

Interpreters: Charles Bourbeau, Sarah Helmer, Nikola Henry, Kay Kenney, Maude Yargeau

Choreography: Riley Sims

Original premiere November 12th 2012 Arts Court Theatre, Ottawa